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released July 30, 2012

recorded at Galaxy Smith Studios, Brooklyn, NY
engineered by Jason Desiderio
mastered by Luke Sullivan
photo by Mike Falco

Vocals, Various Pianos - Laura Bridget
Drums, Vocals - Kyle Thompson
Cello - Ana Karina DaCosta


tags: rock Brooklyn


all rights reserved


Bridget and the Squares Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Shelf Life
I am not a conquest. 
You didn’t pay me. Please, I am not your whore.
I’m not as cute on the inside so keep dressing me up like a doll 
or I am bound to disappoint you. 

We are all just actors in this play
Some of us are method and I’m afraid
I’m afraid to show you. I’m afraid to be fully portrayed. 
cause I am hideous, its not just a character I play. 

I want you to have this memory
Of when I was perfect in your mind
Before you ever knew me at all. 

Put me on the shelf
I look so pretty behind the glass
I don’t want you to see what becomes of me

You are not my problem
Don’t be so narcissistic
If you were my problem
You would be long gone 

You are not my savior
I don't need a savior
If this were such a quick fix
Don't you think I would have fixed it by now
Track Name: Vacant Lot
Thin line climbing up my back
He filled it with water, it turned into a crack
The walls start to crumble, foundation is gone
I’m just a vacant lot now

The levies were leaking and I couldn’t see
Till the water was seeping and running towards me
I wanted to run but the ground starts to give
The wood’s given in to rot now

He was the storm that took me down
Swoll up my arms and pinned me to the ground
I’ll never build my home again
In a volatile town such a volatile town

I’m just a vacant lot now
Track Name: Nothing Right Nothing Wrong
Tell me a story, Tell me a story
I don’t want to know the truth
Tell me, Tell me a lie
Tell me a lie, Tell me a lie

Take this non-fiction, Change it’s Depiction
I don’t want to tell the truth
Write me, Write me a line
Write me a line, Write me a line

I don’t know what I should do
Why don’t we just re-write the truth, make it new
We can pretend there’s nothing wrong
As long as we’re listening to our songs
nothing’s wrong, nothing’s right, nothing’s wrong

Let’s go back to when we were kids
And undo the awful things that we did
You were an angel child, I was an angel child
We’d make mama sigh with our fingers like knives
Spend most of our lives on thin ice

The blood that you let was warm and red
It kept me healthy strong and fed
I hated you, how I hated you
We’d make daddy cry with out mouth full of spite
Spend all of our lives, trying to take all of it back
Track Name: Mouth
The lump in your throat is enormous and obvious
I can’t tell if your sick or your scared.
God it hurts my Mouth

The look on my face says I’m sorry you love me
You look starved, I can count all your bones
God it hurts my Mouth

God it hurts my Mouth
When I speak out against her

When my skins falling off and the flowers are dead
On the grave where you left them to try to forget
But you can’t your a wreck you’ll just lie in that bed
And I’ll be lying with you.

God it hurts my Mouth
To tear you into pieces